30 Oct 2016

History of Combe Cottage

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17th Century Cottage

For those that like to know, then here is a rough guide of the history of Combe Cottage.

The main part of the cottage was built in 1685 the same time as The Duke of Monmouth and the Pitchfork Rebellion. The Morning Room still has the original beams, which have been lovingly restored.

The Kitchen is original and so are the corresponding upstairs bedrooms. The Green Checked room has a lovely curve in the chimney breast wall.

History before it was a holiday cottage

Originally the cottage was a grain store, and then went on to be an Inn, before becoming a small two up two down dwelling. The Fireplace in the Morning Room is the original, and still has the metal strut up the chimney to hang the cooking pots on. The Aga has been in situ since 1952, and the walk in larder is all original. The newer part of the lounge was we believe added in 1952 as well.

The Romans went across the land and fields at the back in a straight line heading for Fosse Road. Through the gate by the dovecote are our woods, Combe Woods and at the bottom of the valley in the woods there used to be a river, you can see the stones that were eroded with the flow of water, sadly due to a change in the water table the river dried up.

If you are interested in underground caving, Combe Cottage is reported to have the best caves on the Mendips under it, comparable with Cheddar Caves, and they have been accessed through a sump by divers, and featured on the local news several years ago. We have since had caving experts out, who also verified that there were caves under the woods at Combe!

The cottage stands on a ley line directly linked to Glastonbury, and in June you can hear the famous drones of the Pilton / Glastonbury Festival.

If you go to Norton St Philip there is an historic pub called The George Inn, and it is steeped in history, and opposite is where they did the grizzly deed of hanging folks in the Pitchfork Rebellion!

We are also near to Babington House at Vobster, where many of the famous people come down for weekends… so keep a look out locally… we have had Jason Orange from Take That around recently.

Oh and our new neighbour to Combe Cottage is Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Caribbean, so if you do choose to book, keep your eyes open if you are in the local shop!

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